Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Coke-Diet Coke

Recently I discovered a whole new drink that has quickly become my drink of choice. It spawns from two very different worlds. I took the crazy notions of any child that mixing your favorite sodas together creates the ultimate in refreshing taste combined with the crazy notions of any adult that diet soda is healthy. So, with no further ado, I am proud to present the yet-to-be-named half Coca-Cola, half Diet Coke.

This, to me, is the greatest thing to happen to the soda industry since the introduction of Crystal Pepsi, of which I had exactly one. By combining the overly sweet taste of Coke with the overly watered down (or is it fake sweet) taste of Diet Coke it is the perfect mix of sweet and water down (or is it fake sweet). Mmmmm... of course, at this point this is limited to the self-serve places, as I haven't worked up the nerve to ask the waiter, "Can you mix the two for me? Please?"

Anyways, I'd also like to mention that I've given up straws. I don't need a disposable plastic tube to help me drink. It's not much to save the world, but hey, it's a start. Maybe, I'll start back up my sacrifices soon and try again to green my life. Until then, I'll be enjoying my new favorite drink. I'll have to work on the name.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun and Prizes

Tiff and I recently went to the County Fair. It was surprisingly fun and gave me a lot to say, so I broke it up and this is the second part of the story. Here’s the first part of the story, or just scroll down to Good Clean Fun.

The main attraction at the fair was probably the carnival. Tiff’s sister got Wii Carnival recently for the Wii, which we had played a little bit of, and by golly if every single game that the mighty Wii people could think of weren’t at this carnival, and then some! It was great fun. We didn’t play any of them though. We chose instead to shell out the big bucks for the chance to win bigger bucks ...At the coin pusher. Here’s how we did…

We actually played another 5 bucks after that too. It was worth every penny.
We went on wandering through the carnival until it started to rain, when we just happened to be next to the Bingo tent. Bingo doesn’t get enough credit. It is some fun stuff. Fifty cents for three boards of bingo and if you tied you got five free games. If you won you got to choose any of several fine prizes, from an electric knife to a doll of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. It was awesome.

Of course I didn’t win at all, but Tiff won or tied almost every time. In fact, I think for the two of us we only paid maybe three dollars and played throughout the rainfall and walked away with a couple of prizes. Yep, that’s a lumberjack gnome coaster set! And what’s that there, yep, that’s an As-Seen-On-French-TV three part frying pan!

Good clean fun, man… nothing beats good clean fun.

Good Clean Fun

Let me first begin by saying that my dreams of controlling a mighty blog empire isn’t looking too good. My way-cool new job takes precedence over this insanely uninteresting website. However, (every now and then) I try to keep it alive.

So last week, I found some good clean fun at the 59th Annual Prince William County Fair. We’ve been living a couple of miles from it ever since it was just the 55th Annual Prince William County Fair and have never bothered to go. This year we went and had a blast. We made it just in time to see the pet contest, where they gave prizes out for the biggest dog or longest tail… that sort of thing. We were disappointed that they weren’t doing tricks, so we moved along to the hogs and goats, which was actually really cool, despite my face.
We wandered through the cow barn, where all the cows were roped up head in, so we got a nice view of their tails. They were actually so close we kind of had to zig-zag between cattle. We really had to steer our way through. Then we went on to the bird barn. A whole bunch of caged animals that, if you look at them the right way, still look like dinosaurs. I had flashbacks of the Reptile House from when I was a kid. To its credit, the bird barn did have nice wide aisles though.

After we visited the carnival where all the real fun was had, we went through another part that judged all sorts of stuff, from the best tomatoes to the best flowers to the best photography. A sunflower won best in show… big surprise there. They also judged paintings. Maybe I should enter next year… It might not be the best but it surely is better than a lousy sunflower.
Anyways, it was a whole lot of fun and makes you appreciate good clean fun. And we didn’t even stay for the Demolition Derby or the Tractor Pull! I can't wait till next year!