Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally, Some Recognition

It’s been almost two years since I met my first, and only, coin pusher. In a testament to my greatness and forward-thinking, that momentous event was caught on film.

Over sixteen-thousand views later (I was a little shocked by that one), it looks like I may just walk away with some money after all. That’s right, I’ve brought so much traffic to the good folks at YouTube that they’ve asked to advertise specifically through me. My ship has finally come in! And it’s about time, because my tip jar’s not bringing in the big bucks that it used to.

YouTube amazes me. I’ve added my fair share of videos, and a few of them are still viewed somewhat frequently and I even get a comment every week or so. I mean, besides the Coin Pusher, it seems people just cannot get enough of Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Pro! (Holy Canolies! This has over fifteen thousand views!)

I know I got enough of it though, as I still blame it for this. It really did change my life!

And who could forget this gem from the winter of 2008?

It made its way to some ab-cruncher website and got far more hits (just 51! I'm disappointed!) than it deserves.

I’m waiting for Pass the Pigs to be the next big breakout fad.

It occurred to me that I’m missing out on a prime advertisement for me here at the Muted Guerrilla. Perhaps, I should have an intro that says, “The Muted Guerrilla Proudly Presents:” and do some fancy editing like in this video.

I think that would be brilliant.

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